Oasis MHL was established in February 2017 with an initial membership of 43 shareholders which has since expanded to 45 professionals comprising psychiatrists, physicians, researchers, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses and counsellors.  
Oasis MHL company established a 35-bed hospital situated at Peponi road. This facility, which was situated on a lush piece of property surrounded by beautiful trees, fresh sire and s serene environment.
It was opened on 1st September 2017, to outpatients and inpatients with mental health disorders. 
Since inception, Oasis MHL has been providing the following services:
1) General Psychiatry for outpatient and Inpatient treatment.
2) Specialized Psychiatry for child and adolescents, Geriatric, Drug and alcohol abuse, others e.g. HIV psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, 
3) Counselling and Psych-Social Support; Counselling services for individuals, groups, youth, children, adolescents, and couples with marital conflicts
4) Chaplaincy services for clients in need.
5) Training, Mentoring and Research; Mentoring of psychology and nursing students on mental health care. 
6) Rehabilitation of patients with chronic mental disorders such as addictions and Schizophrenia
7) Home Based Care for patients after discharge. The hospital has patient centered care which is customized to the needs of each individual client

Uniqueness of Oasis MHL

Located in a conducive serene environment surrounded by trees and fresh air.

Unique strength is “holistic care”

Trust in customer

Medical specialists skilled in clinical practice wuth many years of experience

Medical specialists with many years of experience in training of medical workers in mental health

Team work and professionalism


Quality Care, tailored for You

By our experienced team utilizes evidence-based therapies to create a personalized treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

We offer the flexibility you need.

A Holistic Approach

 We go beyond medication management.


Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives: Where Healing Begins Our goal is to help our patients be satisfied and solve problems when leaving, we help you solve your worries and troubles.

Oasis Mental Health Limited

Compassionate and qualified professionals

Our team is dedicated to your recovery.

Oasis Mental Health Limited

A safe and secure space

We prioritize creating a comfortable environment for healing.

Flexible scheduling and payment options

We understand mental health care shouldn’t be a burden.