Compassion, Care & Recovery

Our Mandate

Oasis MHL Hospital isn’t just a healthcare facility; it’s a haven for mental well-being. We offer a supportive environment for both inpatient and outpatient care, providing a holistic approach to your mental health journey with a multidisplinary team since the year 2017.

Mission Statement

To deliver holistic mental health care of the highest quality, informed by research and best practices, ensuring comprehensive well-being for all.

Vision statement

To be a regional leader in mental healthcare, transforming countless lives through unparalleled services and support.

Our Motto

Elevating minds, empowering lives.


Quality Care, tailored for You

By our experienced team utilizes evidence-based therapies to create a personalized treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

We offer the flexibility you need.

A Holistic Approach

 We go beyond medication management.


Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives: Where Healing Begins Our goal is to help our patients be satisfied and solve problems when leaving, we help you solve your worries and troubles.

Oasis Mental Health Limited

Compassionate and qualified professionals

Our team is dedicated to your recovery.

Oasis Mental Health Limited

A safe and secure space

We prioritize creating a comfortable environment for healing.

Flexible scheduling and payment options

We understand mental health care shouldn’t be a burden.


We Aim To Remove Your Pain. A Healing Touch To Heal You Completely.

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